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Ubuntu for Phones looks exciting

Ubuntu for phones or smartphones shall we say is that a Galaxy Nexus being shown there

If Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone wasn't enough (let's not forget the others like MeeGo, and webOS if HP ever gets it going), Ubuntu is trying to make a bang with it's own perspective of an OS for phones that might well raise some eyebrows. The OS takes advantage of quite a few gestures which should please most of us who just like smudging our screen to quickly access favourite apps, toolbars/controls etc. Now if you are looking for native apps you will probably get the standard HTML5 optimized web apps from the popular providers, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Google Maps, Spotify, etc. so if there is an HTML5 version it will work on the phone, but Ubuntu has an SDK to give developers the ability to port their apps over to the native look and feel. No information on smartphone available just yet but we are sure that we will know in a few weeks, check out the video and the link for more details...


Via: Ubuntu

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