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Smartphone Adoption hits 50% in 2011

comScore reports huge gains in smartphone adoption in 2011

comScore has released their 2012 Mobile Future in Focus annual report, informing us on the mobile markets, penetration and growth and key trends. What catches your attention is page 16 in the report shows the smartphone adoption of the EU5 (UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany) and the US. From 2010 adoption rates have doubled hitting 50% in some countries. In other words one out of every two devices sold is a smartphone and the trend is growing, naturally seeing how prices are being dropped and features splashed on new devices. On another note, comScore does mention the Tablet landscape which is completely dominated by the iPad with a 90% market penetration leaving a mere 9% to Android and 0.5% to RIM. Let's see how the dynamic will change if at all with ICS and more low priced tablets in the oven.

Via: comScore

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