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iPhone 5 and iPad Mini get Untethered Jailbreak

iPad Mini and iPhone 5 finally get Jailbroken and this time untethered

We waited patiently wondering if anyone would take time develop and seed out a jailbreak for the latest iOS devices, and we are quite lucky to have waited, even though Apple has increasingly made it harder to jailbreak the OS, many devices if not all iPhone 5's are either unlocked or can be unlocked witih a simple restore in iTunes, so the reasons for jailbreaking had been diminishing. Nevertheless a tool has just be released called the evasi0n (evasion), that works on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows which will jailbreak (untethered) your iOS device running 6.0 up to 6.1. There are reports that the weather app stops working but if you really want to jailbreak we are sure you can settle for an alternative like Accuweather...

Via: Evasi0n

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