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Apple making a smartphone watch

iPhone iWatch coming soon for your wrist
The web is firing up these past days on a rumor that Apple may be considering a smartphone watch. And we sure do know that Apple does have a way of catching headlines, whether that is inexpensive iPhone rumored to be in the works for developing countries, or a retina iPad Mini, and a revamped iPad with a similar casing as the iPad Mini both of iPad rumors we do firmly believe will happen very soon. Nevertheless the latest rumor, could actually be a combination of the first two we mentioned. A budget iPhone which takes advantage of Corning's new curved glass and wraps around your wrist. Half your wrist would be the curved glass where the other half would be the band (so you can easily take the watch off). But one thing that actually most rumors don't point out, is that this can actually be a less frills version of an iPhone with basic capability (i.e. iPod Nano 6th generation). We think this is a very possible option, and highly likely a way to get in those developing countries... What do you think? Will they name it the iWatch?

Via: The New York Times

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