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BBM coming to iOS and Android this summer


Quite exciting that Skype was released for the BlackBerry Z10, what is more exciting is that BlackBerry did what many had been asking for the past two years; the release of BBM for Android and iOS. Expected to be released this summer and subject to the approbal of Google Play and Apple's App Store for the respective apps, this is a very welcome addition for the messaging ecosystem.

LG working on the Nexus 5

LG Nexus 5 rumor or not we expect it may be more true than false...

If a relatively cheap smartphone hasn't hit your pocket yet, you might be in luck because the next Nexus device is rumored to be again developed by LG. Dubbed the Nexus 5 you will certainly get all the perks that that the Nexus 4 had, but we are sure the screen is going to be bumped, and the camera will surely be improved. If the rumors are true we should expect it during the fall of this year...

China isnt digging Android

China doesn't like Android, calls foul

Well here is a funny note, China doesn't like that Android is controlled by Google (you know that small Mountain View company which we all use daily for one reason or another), actually per say "While the Android system is open source, the core technology and technology roadmap is strictly controlled by Google.", and that Google is deliberatly delaying sharing source code with Chinese companies who are in the process of developing their own operating systems. Well from a country which is becoming all the more dominant globally, with a history of strict government control, it was only a matter of time that China would start crying foul at the US based giant because of their dominant OS. 

Apple making a smartphone watch

iPhone iWatch coming soon for your wrist
The web is firing up these past days on a rumor that Apple may be considering a smartphone watch. And we sure do know that Apple does have a way of catching headlines, whether that is inexpensive iPhone rumored to be in the works for developing countries, or a retina iPad Mini, and a revamped iPad with a similar casing as the iPad Mini both of iPad rumors we do firmly believe will happen very soon. Nevertheless the latest rumor, could actually be a combination of the first two we mentioned. A budget iPhone which takes advantage of Corning's new curved glass and wraps around your wrist. Half your wrist would be the curved glass where the other half would be the band (so you can easily take the watch off). But one thing that actually most rumors don't point out, is that this can actually be a less frills version of an iPhone with basic capability (i.e. iPod Nano 6th generation). We think this is a very possible option, and highly likely a way to get in those developing countries... What do you think? Will they name it the iWatch?

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini get Untethered Jailbreak

iPad Mini and iPhone 5 finally get Jailbroken and this time untethered

We waited patiently wondering if anyone would take time develop and seed out a jailbreak for the latest iOS devices, and we are quite lucky to have waited, even though Apple has increasingly made it harder to jailbreak the OS, many devices if not all iPhone 5's are either unlocked or can be unlocked witih a simple restore in iTunes, so the reasons for jailbreaking had been diminishing. Nevertheless a tool has just be released called the evasi0n (evasion), that works on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows which will jailbreak (untethered) your iOS device running 6.0 up to 6.1. There are reports that the weather app stops working but if you really want to jailbreak we are sure you can settle for an alternative like Accuweather...

Google gives Microsoft a breather - extending Google Sync support for Windows Phones

Google extends Active Sync support for Windows Phone until July 31st

Google played it nice, or so it seems; in this case we are not sure what deal the two tech giants broke, but the good news is that if you do have a Gmail account and also a device running Windows Phone, you will still have all your contacts and calendars syncing. Microsoft on their side have announced that they are indeed working on CalDav and CardDav and we do hope that they will release an update before July 31'st which is the final date Google will be offering ActiveSync.

Facebook Voice Calls now available for US iPhone

Facebook Voice Calls available for US iPhone Messenger users

Facebook has been working on some new things, including a fresh search which currently is in beta, but is surely needed. On the mobile front, it has added free Voice Calls for all US iPhone Facebook Messenger users. No update is needed from the App Store and it seems to be simply enabled as of today, as long as you have the recent app and reside in the US. So in short, you will be able to call other Facebook users for free over WiFi or your data connection. The Verge reports that the call quality sounds "very good" and is "certainly on par with competitors Viber, Vonage and Skype".

Do Not Disturb your iPad and iPhone is taking it literally


Do not disturb is taking things for face value

If you are one of the lucky iOS 6 users taking advantage of the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will notice that it no longer functions properly after New Years. With the feature stuck on rather than turning off automatically, Apple has issued a support document stating that it will resume functioning normally after January 7th 2013, which leads us to believe that this is not a software glitch which will get patched automagically, but actually a bug in the way Apple is calculating dates on iOS.

Ubuntu for Phones looks exciting

Ubuntu for phones or smartphones shall we say is that a Galaxy Nexus being shown there

If Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone wasn't enough (let's not forget the others like MeeGo, and webOS if HP ever gets it going), Ubuntu is trying to make a bang with it's own perspective of an OS for phones that might well raise some eyebrows. The OS takes advantage of quite a few gestures which should please most of us who just like smudging our screen to quickly access favourite apps, toolbars/controls etc. Now if you are looking for native apps you will probably get the standard HTML5 optimized web apps from the popular providers, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Google Maps, Spotify, etc. so if there is an HTML5 version it will work on the phone, but Ubuntu has an SDK to give developers the ability to port their apps over to the native look and feel. No information on smartphone available just yet but we are sure that we will know in a few weeks, check out the video and the link for more details...


BlackBerry N-Series captured aka X10

BB10 NSeries X10 device by BlackBerry BB10 phone

The BB10 Querty N-Series device also known as the BlackBerry X10 slipped once more with some quite good photos this time around. Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry style! Officlal announcement on January 30th during the long awaited BB10 launch event.